Ding-A-Ling Fishing Charters & Dolphin Tours​​

​With Captain Andy Burden​
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Q & A
​​1) What is provided and what do I need to bring?
A: We provide top quality fishing tackle and equipment, bait, fishing license, ice for fish,. You can bring a small to medium size cooler, food, drinks, sunscreen, towels, etc. 

2) Can I keep what I catch? 
A: As long as it is legal and in season, you can keep and eat it. You may want to bring a second cooler or bucket to keep in the car to transport fish in to the fish cleaning house or home. 

3) What do I do with the fish I catch? 
A: You can take your fish to be professionally cleaned and packaged at the fish house, conveniently located across the street. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to clean them at the marina. You can also take them home to clean yourselves.

4) Who can come along?
A: Families and kids are encouraged and welcomed. Please keep in mind that fishing in Florida can be very hot and choppy, which can be very hard on young children and older folks. Please think about this when booking your trip. We've seen many trips cut short due to one person wanting to come back in due to being too hot, or motion sickness.

5) How do I book my trip?
A: You must call and speak to Captain Andy to book your trip. You can ask him any other questions you may have, and can reach him anytime at 850-258-4319.